Here, File File!

Access all of your files from anywhere.

Ever need a file while you're out and about? Here, File File is an iPhone app that allows you to access all of the files on your home Mac, wherever you go.

To download please read "how it works" below. Thanks!

How it works...


  • An Apple Macintosh computer running OS X 10.5 or greater
  • An Apple mobile device running iPhone OS 3.2 or greater
  • A router on this list of officially supported routers (this is a list of known routers that support UPnP or NAT-PMP are are known to work with Here, File File)
  • If you do not own a router on this list, then you need basic knowledge of port forwarding. We currently do not provide support for routers not on this list.


Safe & Secure

Communication between your mobile device and the HFF OS X application is password protected and encrypted with SSL.

*Due to a limitation of Quicktime on Apple's mobile devices, binary content is streamed unencrypted. However, random obfuscated URLs are generated on demand for any streaming data sent to your device.

Access From Anywhere

All of your files are at your fingertips, wherever you go. With Here, File File you don't have to worry about syncing particular files before you hit the road.

Simply run the HFF Helper, set up a password, and forget about it! As long as your computer is on and running the helper, you have access to every file on your computer.

Amazing Browsing & Search

Here, File File is the best file browser on any mobile device! Your customized finder sidebar & labels are imported automatically, and rich preview icons depict your files before you open them. In addition, you can favorite files for easy future access.

Search is a snap, allowing you to search not only the titles of your files, but the contents of them as well. Filter your search by file type, or search the whole shebang.

View & Email your Files

Once you tap on a file, it will load right on your mobile device. Swipe through pages, pinch to zoom. Large PDFs are no problem, HFF has a built-in page navigator to quickly find what you need.

Additionally, Emailing the file is simple: you can attach the file, or include a link to the file if it’s too big to download. There’s no size limit!

Stream Videos & Music

Once you select an audio file or a video file, then Here, File File will stream it from your home computer. This works over 3G and EDGE as well as wifi.

Click here to view a list of video and audio files that Here, File File supports.


For support please visit our support page.

For media inquiries please email us at

Thank you!

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